Bike wearing Badland breeze shirt riding downhill

Launch Day is live, finally. And what's better than a fresh website? A product to sell on that website. Announcing the birth of the Badland Breeze, the riding shirt we made for ourselves and our friends, which is finally available to the public.

Yes, it took twice as long as we said it would. Yes, the first batch quantities are small and they're going to sell out faster than toilet paper in March 2020. But that's what it takes to make a product from scratch. One that we're proud to wear, to sell to our friends, and push to its limits on the singletrack.

There were plenty of opportunities to cut corners, to automate. To be true to our ethos and to our new brand built from our community's input, we took the analogue approach.

Building a shirt and a brand from scratch is tougher than we anticipated. We fiddled with hundreds of fabrics, talked through and laid to rest countless ideas. We added features, and then cut them out. We sketched, critiqued, and iterated.

What we're left with is the shirt we've always wanted, in a colorway for each of us. The Badland Breeze rides fast, takes chances, looks fresh, and most importantly, is more sustainable. We're psyched on this first product, and we think you will too.